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RAW COMEBACK FUNK - New single "It's So Long (Since We've Touched)" OUT NOW

"A rebirth of funk for a new generation.....Electrifying production, magnificent writing, and vocals so sultry you’ll forget your last name. Confection don’t just take you back, they make you feel their time is now!" DJ Trey (Edge 96.1FM)

Yes Confection are back with a new single "It's So Long (Since We've Touched), taken from their upcoming album. It's their first release since their second album "Private Conversations" was released in 2012, following up from their seminal self-titled debut "Confection" in 2007.

After this long hiatus, thankfully nothing has changed.....the formula of raw vs smooth, live vs machine, the seamless melding of funk, boogie and soul, the luscious melodies, ear worm choruses and Juanita Tippins' totally unique vocals gliding over everything, is 100% present and correct.

"With "It's So Long (Since We've Touched)", Confection remind us that they always were and always will be Australia's finest boogie and Nu-disco representatives." Graeme Pogson - GL, Mondo Freaks, The Bamboos

"Confection - too much boogie sugar? I think not!! With the return of this Boogie floor-mover (even if it is your lounge room) the gang that set the Nu-Disco standard in this country are back to reclaim the crown.The timing is perfect for "It's So Long (Since We've Touched" as the world needs some sweet relief in its re-entry to better times." Stephen Ferris, FBI94.5FM

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